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A hotel offers a variety of services that have to meet different musical needs. In various locations in the house, Music Engine can handle your music simultaneously, whether it’s a lobby, a restaurant, a gym or a spa.

Bring your hotel to life with background music!

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Reduce your costs. In addition to the great sound, hundreds of premium selected songs provide the atmosphere in your host. Continuously updated content and 100% legal background music.

UP TO 55%


A device conected to a central music source via the Internet. With its help you can access pre-edited, different style playlists. It does not require any settings, or configurations during operation. Due to its small size, it is easy to place anywhere.

13,990 HUF + VAT / month

One-time Installation, contract fee. 44,900 HUF + VAT


A device designed to serve all needs of professional use.  It is designed for multiple-zone use, so it can manage up to 6 parallel channels at the same time. In the case of multy-channel use, a channel switch function is also added to the interface.

From 39,900 HUF + VAT / month

One-time Installation, contract fee. 69,900 HUF + VAT

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Please contact us, and after answering a few questions, we can determine what Atrisjus discounts are available for you if you choose us. We calculate the Atrisjus price with the discounts for you.
The discounts are available only through contracted Artisjus background music providers.

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