A basic model of the Music Engine product line.


It includes modern technological solutions, an impressive music database, and comes with an innovative software that serves all needs. Its space-saving, built-in-fan-free box can be connected to any screen. Its small size and yet complex musical service makes it really popular among the users.
Its knowledge is just as diverse as the other Music Engine’s.

Price: 34.900 HUF + VAT / month

One-time Installation, contract fee. 59,900 HUF + VAT

Size of data storage device:
• 1.000 GB
• Mini keyboard + mouse
Sound quality:
• Custom coded 320 kbps stereo
Output interfaces:
• ME Mini can be connected to any audio or audio visual system with a standard output interface.
  • 1 stereo mini jack, 4 USB 2.0 (one for stereo headphones), 1 RJ45 and 1 VGA output
• Kensington lock connector
• ME Mini can be connected to any computer network, via the RJ45 connector, or the built-in wireless network adapter.
  • DHCP or static IP address assignment support
  • To access Remote Assistance and online update an Internet connection is required.
  • Minimum Internet bandwidth: 512 kbit/s
• Length: 310 mm / width: 55mm / height: 210mm
• Music Engine Mouse Pad
  • USB mini keyboard
• USB Optical Mouse
• USB stereo headset
• Power supply with network cable
• Hungarian-language user manual

Popular areas of use:

Wine bars, pubs, bars, restaurants, cafes, restaurants


Our devices can be connected to any type of audio system, all is required is an audio input through which Music Engine can be connected to the existing system.


Please contact us, and after answering a few questions, we can determine what Atrisjus discounts are available for you if you choose us. We calculate the Atrisjus price with the discounts for you.
The discounts are available only through contracted Artisjus background music providers.