Artisjus royalty calculation

Multi-zone audio design and implementation

Integrating Music Engine to existing audio system

 Please contact us, and after answering a few questions, we can determine what Atrisjus discounts are available for you if you choose us. We calculate the Atrisjus price with the discounts for you.
The discounts are available only through contracted Artisjus background music providers.

Our company undertakes the design and implementation of custom sound systems, according to your needs. The long experience in event-organization of our shareholders, our engineers and technicians guarantee the best quality from basic installation up to the high-end category.

For customised systems we need a number of parameters, our colleagues can even inform you personally about the possibilities on a site assessment.

 Our devices can be connected to any type of audio system, all is required is an audio input through which Music Engine can be connected to the existing system.


    Continuous cooperation
Due to legal requirements and practices of legal aid organizations for domestic music machines, the installed equipment entails ongoing obligation to notify and pay royalties. This administrative burden is assumed by the manufacturer, Music Engine Hungária Kft., and reserves throughout the service life if the end-user fully meets its payment obligations for the royalties for the music machine.

About the prices of jukeboxes and other services and payment plans, please contact our colleagues through one of the contact options detailed. If required, after an assessment of the future location and use, we provide a personal quote for the type and installation of your Music Engine. In case of defects we undertake a replacement warranty within one year after commissioning. The data in this document does not constitute a commitment, and we reserve the right to change!