ME Streamer

A music player connected to a central music source via the Internet.  
With its help you can access pre-edited, different style playlists. It does not require any settings, or configurations during operation. Due to its small size, it is easy to place anywhere, connecting to peripherals (mouse, keyboard, monitor) is not needed. It provides centrally controlled, image matching background music solutions, with personalized ads if required, at low cost.  

Price: 9,900 HUF + VAT / month
One-time Installation, contract fee. 30,000 HUF + VAT


Popular areas of use: 
Commercial stores and chain stores


Size of data storage device: • 16 GB (only spare storage, because the music is played from a server, via the Internet)
Interface: • None, it is controlled with smartphones 
Sound quality: • Min. 128 kbps AAC+ vagy MP3
Output interfaces:   • ME Streamer can be connected to any audio or audio visual system with a standard output interface.
  • 1 stereo mini jack and one HDMI output.
Network: • A permanent Internet connection is needed for the operation.
  • Minimum Internet mandwidth: 512 kbit/s
  • RJ45 LAN
  • DHCP or static IP address assignment support
Sizes: • Length: 105 mm / width: 75 mm / height 36 mm
Accessories: • Power supply with network cable
  • Hungarian-language user manual