The products of Music Engine have been proving themselves in European hotels, shopping centres, and many other areas, where quality and licenced music-streaming is wanted, for more than ten years. Our devices meet the highest quality standards, can be personally programmed and developed. However, maybe the most important feature is that they provide licenced music. In Hungary Mahas and Artisjus admits non-infringement of songs on the devices, and discounted fees make Music Engine even more attractive.

It comes with a standard 120,000 songs from 15,000 artists of all genres, so the playlists are customizable for the location, for up to a year ahead. The continuously updatable playlists are compiled by professional editors.

Other advantages of Music Engine: - Single Tone, thanks to the exceptionally high quality re-encoding - pre-programmable and automated playlists - access control - up to 6-channel operation possible - online updates - premium sound quality, reliable operation. The system can be controlled via IPad and Android-OS devices from anywhere in the world. It is possible to set the desired songs over the Internet.




ME Streamer

A device conected to a central music source via the Internet.  
With its help you can access pre-edited, different style playlists. It does not require any settings, or configurations during operation. Due to its small size, it is easy to place anywhere, connecting to peripherals (mouse, keyboard, monitor) is not needed. It provides centrally controlled, image matching background music solutions, with personalized ads if required, at low cost.  




ME Mini

A basic model of the Music Engine product line.  
It includes modern technological solutions, an impressive music database, and comes with an innovative software that serves all needs. Its space-saving, built-in-fan-free box can be connected to any screen. Its small size and yet complex musical service makes it really popular among the users.
Its knowledge is just as diverse as the other Music Engine's.



ME Kompakt

An all-in-one device, a monitor and a PC in one.  
It has a touch-screen, so no keyboard or mouse is neededto operate it. Thanks to its flat, built-in-fan-free design, it is possible to install it on the wall, so it wont take up any space on the bar counter. Its 15.6" touch schreen and well-designed interface makes this our most popular product.  
Its knowledge equals the other Music Engine's.



ME Pro

A device designed to serve all needs of professional use.
It's advantage is that it can be easily installed even in the shortest depth 19" rack. It is designed for multiple-zone use, so it can manage up to 6 parallel channels at the same time. In the case of multy-channel use, a channel switch function is also added to the interface. It can be controlled directly with connected peripherals or any Windows-based remote desktop through a network.
It has the knowledge of other Music Engine's, and some.