About us

Company history

Our company, Music Engine Hungária Kft. Was founded in 2013 with the aim to produce and sell in Hungary Music Engines, which provide licensed background music service for business use that had been already successful in several countries of the European Union. Our clients are primarily operators of cafes, restaurants, hotels, commercial and service facilities and sports facilities. Thanks to our agreement with advocacy groups, up to 55% discount of Artisjus is available. In addition to the continuous development of our products, we pay special attention to Hungarian music, so more and more Hungarian songs are available in our repertoire. Our goal is to provide legitimate, quality background music service to all our clients.


Product history

The Music Engine product family was developed in Austria more than a decade ago with the aim of making licenced music available for everyone with a single device, that includes almost all the old and new hits, and is of better quality than the now most popular MP3 format. The music players are now installed in more than 2,000 places, many of which are non-stop. As a result of the development process (and thanks to the built in calendar) the devices can be pre-programmed for a long period of time in the comfort of a touch screen or with iOS or Android device support. In fact, using an Internet connection they can be programmed to the desired songs from anywhere in the world! The songs may be found through a search for artist, genre, or album, and several pre-programmed playlists are available. The Music Engine softwares and hardwares have been made in Hungary since 2014, where new, future-oriented developments are planned.